Long Range Data Modem

Long range data modem for L-A Series 2016 (LA500, LA500-AG and LA500-RTK). Enable up to 3km live data link.

Optionnal / Replacement part only as 1 modem is already coming with each LA500 unit.

Integrated Button for AUTO RETURN and CANCEL MISSION functions.


- 1 Modem aluminium body
- RTK precision GPS (RTK mode only with RTK ready aircraft)
- 1 External Antenna
- 1 USB/USB-C Cable

Available | Delivery within 1 to 3 weeks

890 € excl. Taxes

Custom Pelicase
Custom hard case for transportation

1 490 €

Long Range Data Modem
Up to 3km live data link

890 €

Backpack for transportation

180 €

Protection Gloves
For propeller protection at take off

29 €